At iHobbs we provide a range of hairdressing services to help change or maintain your image and achieve the best look.


Our hair stylist are professionally licensed and with their in-depth knowledge will educate you about hair and scalp care, remove unwanted hair or dress your hair extensions



Are you sick of wet patches on the back of your top? Do you want to improve your hair structure and style? Do you want to avoid split ends and irritated scalp? Then you need a proper iHobbs blow drying technique which is gentle on your hair, keeps your locks dry  and improve your hair structure and style leaving your hair with plenty bounce and lustre. 


At iHobbs we help you find the perfect upstyle that make you feel and look beautiful. Whether you need a romantic updo, a classic chignon, princess curls, a complete restyle or something edgy iHobbs is the place to come. 


At iHobbs our artistic and creative stylist are ever willing to make suggestions, but also listen to what our client are saying they want. They understand the same hair cut is likely to look different on two different clients so would usually consider a client’s body style, face shape, hair texture and thickness among other factors to achieve the best look for our  individual client.


Getting a perm or your hair straightened is a serious commitment because it is permanent and requires good care and maintenance.  At iHobbs we have researched well into this and would let you know things you should know to help you decide whether its for you plus the do’s and the don’t to help you keep up with it.


At iHobbs all our colourist's are artistically inclined, they understand the psychological effect of colours and understand how to use colour to enhance one's beauty. With good attention to detail, they work closely with all clients to interpret their ideas and achieve the look they so desire. 


Do you regularly colour and bleach your hair? Is your hair is really damaged? Do you have a bleach-damaged hair? Has your hair become fried and worn out from constant use of hot tool? Have you once been turned away because your hair was so bad. iHobbs is the place to come for your hair treatment.