With in-depth knowledge and expertise in eight (8) different methods of hair extensions, we help our clients choose the most practical, efficient and affordable type of extensions to meet their budget and hair type.


Now you can split the cost of your hair extensions fitting into three (3) equal payments or choose to pay later in 30days. Just enter the credit or debit card of your choice and make automatic payments every two (2) weeks. No credit checks and no interest or fees when you pay on time.



Nano ring hair extensions are a super tiny version of micro ring hair extensions. Both types of ring extension work in the same way. The difference with Nanos is that the ring that secures the extension is much smaller and undetectable meaning about 90% more discreet than micro rings. They are very safe, secure and suitable for finer hair. 


Glue-in extensions also known as fusion bond or pre-bonded extensions can be a great way to add extra length and volume to your hair if you have a very busy lifestyle and cannot commit to regular maintenance. The method is globally recognized as a durable method to apply hair extensions, lasting up to 3 months.


Tape in extensions are the hottest and newest hair extension trend on the market. They are very easy to apply and remove. Your own hair is sandwiched in between thin pre taped hair wefts usually 1inch wide. You can curl, heat, straighten, dye or wash them as your own hair. They are the most invincible and natural hair extensions yet.


Twin Tabs combines the speed of Tape Hair with the clean application of rings. The 6cm wide strips open up to encapsulate the rings inside, and together with the injection strip top which mimics the hair root growth, the Twin Tabs® sit flat against the head so that the extensions are discreet and less visible


Micro links hair extensions are individual hair extensions that are applied to your hair strand by strand. They are applied by sliding your own hair through the loop, adding the hair extensions strand and then clamping it down with a pair of pliers to finish. They require regular maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks


Celebrity weave/ L A weaves works on all types of hair and is ideal for those with short and fine hair. The weave sits flat to your scalp and feels weightless. If you don’t like the feel of a braid against your scalp, this method is for you. Celebrity/ LA weaves do not require the use of bonds/ glue/ heat/ plaits/ cornrows and has a life span between 8-10weeks after which has to be removed and refited – 100% re-usable. 

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