Anyone who knows anything about beauty knows that your eyes say a lot about who you are. How people relate to you can simply be influenced by how your eyes look. At iHobbs what matters to us most when it comes to beauty is proper eye care. We believe the expressiveness and the intensity of your eyes makes you appear more attractive overall.



Waxing eyebrows is a longer-lasting method of brow shaping than tweezing, threading and other hair removal methods. Though it  can be painful it is a time saver and limits the chances of having an ingrown hair. Properly waxed brows can highlight the eyes as a gorgeous focal point as well as remove dead skin cells and fine tiny hairs.


Do you wish to have longer and luscious lashes? Do you want to enhance your eyes and your look? Do you want the experience of someone looking into your eyes and finding it hard to look away? Let iHobbs help you make your lashes look perfect. We specialize in individual lash extensions.


When your eyelashes and eyebrows are tinted, they look a lot more noticeable, expressive and attractive. The nicest thing about eyelash and eyebrow tinting is that it’s not permanent. It’ll last for multiple weeks and will need to be redone. Eliminate the daily application of mascara and the struggle to get it right with tinting.