Contrary to belief, there are options for those suffering from hair loss, whether it’s

extensions or a wig, there is an option for everyone. Hair loss affects both men and women

of all ages. The reasons for which could be hereditary, medical or stress related.

From a very young age, a little girl learns to cherish their hair. Just like their dolls, they dress their hair with pretty bows and accessories. As they grow up and become more aware of themselves, their hair helps shape their identity. You often hear the saying that “a woman’s hair is their crown and glory”. And everywhere from our neighborhood to our schools, the television screen to the silver screen and magazines, you see stars with incredible hair!

For the majority of us when we don’t feel that our hair is long enough we just get extensions! We buy clip ins for big nights out, for our weddings, our parties and proms to name a few. But what will you do when you can’t get extensions in because there is just no hair to attach it to? What do you do when hair extension experts turn you away because they can’t deal with your hair? What do you do when you feel you can’t go out with your mates because you can’t hide the patches anymore? Usually a wig could be the solution but will it look real? Will it fall off? These are questions that people with hair loss ask all the time.

Since I started doing hair loss extensions, I have met some amazing, brave women who just want to have good hair like everybody else. And why shouldn’t they? I have cried with clients who didn’t think there was any hope for them. I have laughed with clients and their families. I am trained to do so many different types of extensions but the hair loss extensions is my favorite because by doing something so small, I get to go on a life changing journey with my clients.

I can’t even describe in words what I do because I don’t have a formula. Every client is different and I like to meet with them beforehand for an extensions consultation.

Together we discuss different options and come up with the best choice for them. I combine several different methods to get the best option for different clients. I use the best products and provide aftercare advice. I always tell my clients that I am in the business of giving hair and not damaging hair and they know that I mean it 100%.

I have met so many wonderful people since I started hair loss extensions here at iHobbs and one such person is this wonderful lady in the pictures. She is a beautiful, lovely person and I was just glad to be able to help.

Enjoy your hair Emily.

Choosing the right Extensionist for your Hair Loss Solution.

Here’s what to look for and questions to ask when it comes to finding the correct person to help transform your hair.

  1. Ask for proof of work. Don’t be shy to ask and don’t be fooled by pictures and videos taken from behind. Ask to see pictures taken from the front and sides.

  2. Ask for an extensive consultation and ask questions. If they make you feel uneasy, leave!

  3. Discuss any medications you may be taking with your hair extensionist. If your medication is causing your hair loss, know that putting in extensions might only make it worse.

  4. If they keep putting you off, it’s probably because they can’t help you.

  5. Ask for their safety plans! For example: So what will we do if this doesn’t work? What will we do if I find this to be too harsh for me? It is important to have safety plans.

  6. Hair loss extensions is not a 30 minute job. It takes time! Make sure your hair extensionist is ready to take their time with you!

  7. Ask for aftercare plans!

  8. Remember there is no one style fits all in hair extensions. There is no one method fits all in hair loss extensions. So make sure that what is being proposed is what you need.

  9. Last but not least, just because you have hair loss doesn’t mean your extensions should look fake! Discuss your worries! Discuss your concerns! You are getting extensions because you want to have good hair. Don’t settle for something you are not happy with.

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